⭐ 8,5/10

πŸ‘₯ 2-4 players

πŸ•— 60 minutes

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ 8+


This review assumes you know the base game, if not, check out our in-depth review of the base game! Here we give you an overview of everything that the New Adventures expansion adds to the game.

Game overview

First of all, we are introduced to the Moon Monster, a new boss who can replace the Beast as the final enemy to be defeated. The Moon Monster, unlike the Beast, has some interesting and difficult traits that make it feel like a worthy boss for the game. For example, there is a special power per round that he uses, but does not know in advance. A fun twist!

Then there’s Oberon, a character that appears on the map when you add him to the game. He offers quite powerful equipment for sale, but it is not always easy to obtain. The equipment has a cost in coins, trophies (tokens from slain monsters) and/or other equipment tokens.

Like Oberon, you can also add Titania to the map. Titania is another character you can add to the game and she offers the help of magical spirits for 2 coins each. The ghosts have powerful properties that can only be used once during the game. However, Titania is not the only way to enlist the help of spirits. New monsters have also been added to the game that offer spirit tokens as a reward when defeated. These monsters are a little harder to beat, but the rewards are definitely worth it! All of the above can be added to the game as desired.

You can choose to add everything, or create different combinations and watch the game change with each combination.

But there’s more! The New Adventures expansion adds 3 new scenarios to the game that can be played independently or as a shorter campaign if you choose. Each scenario has its own story, different mechanics and unique rules. You will even fight some new monsters! You can also add all the aspects mentioned above to these scenarios, which makes the game even more varied!


If you already own the base game of Chronicles of Avel, you know how beautiful the artwork is and how good the quality of the components are. The New Adventures expansion will not disappoint you. It’s made to the same standards, the artwork is beautiful and complements the base game perfectly, and the 3D components are great.

 It takes a while to assemble the 3D elements for the first time, but it’s not too much work. Once they’re done, they fit perfectly in the box, so you’ll have them ready for future games. Having 3D components on the map is definitely an added value and the game looks so much better!

When we first received the expansion and saw how many new options there were, we feared that the game would take much longer to set up and that the complexity would increase greatly. Fortunately this was not the case

You do need both boxes, we don’t think there is a way to cram everything into the original box, but both boxes are so well made that this really isn’t a problem.

The extra rules are just as simple as those of the base game. Each part is clearly separated so you can introduce the new elements one by one to make the transition easier, especially for younger children.

The game itself is still language independent

As far as we are concerned, a very successful expansion that strengthens the power of the base game well. The Moon Monster, Titania and Oberon are good additions that make the game slightly more difficult or easier depending on how you use them. Avel has been our son’s favorite from the first game, 7 years old. This expansion only makes the gaming experience better for him, and for us. The 3D components are great and really add something to the gaming experience. If you’re a fan of the base game, you’ll definitely love this expansion!

For whom?

For all Chronicles of Avel fans.