⭐ 8 / 10

👥 3-5 spelers

🕗 60 minutes



In Escape room The Game – 2 you play an escape room, with the goal to solve the puzzles within an hour.

How to play?

🧩 In the box are 4 different scenario’s that can be played. 4x an hour to puzzle and have fun. Each scenario has it own level of difficulty. We recommend to start with the introduction scenario of 15 minutes to get used to the mechanism.

🧩 First you choose the scenario you want to play and take all the material of that scenario, including the decoder, out of the box. Read the text on the back of the first envelop out loud. This text contains the story of your game that you are about to play. This can be all kinds of scenario’s. In the box are 4 scenario’s with total different themes like the Titanic, Alice in Wonderland or Zombies.

🧩 Next you open the first envelop and start the decoder. The time starts ticking and from this moment you one hour to solve the case. The material of the cases differs per game, but contains multiple puzzles that need to be solved together, as a team. Also the decoder itself can be used to solve puzzles. When you think you have the right code, you enter the keys into the decoder (photo are random keys – no spoiler) and the decoder will respond if it is the right code. If it is correct you move to the next part of the case and open the next envelop until you have solved the case. If the code is wrong, you lose valuable time and continue puzzling.

🧩 Each game contains multiple hint cards that may be opened and a mentioned time. This can help you if you are stuck.

💡 Our Opinion

We are really enthusiastic about this game! Without lockdowns and corona we love to play multiple escaperooms in a year. During the first lockdown we discovered these escape games and really enjoy playing it with our friends. In the beginning we were a bit sceptical, being a real escaperoom fanatic, but after less then 1 minute we were all very fanatic playing this game. De cases are very well structured and the level of difficulty builds up well. To be honest, as experienced players the introduction scenario’s are a bit easy but still enjoyable, only we finish faster. We still enjoy them, but prefer the more difficult cases.

The box mentioned that it can be played with 3+ players. However, we played several cases with 2 players. Even though enjoyed the dynamics with our friends much more, the cases can be played with two players as well in our opinion. There is also a 2-player game available.

Looking for a great puzzle game to get the real escape room feeling at home, we can really recommend this game!

our score:

⭐ 8 / 10