Tales of Barbearia – Battlegrounds

⭐ 7,5 / 10                👥 2-6 players            🕗 45-60 minutes        👨‍👩‍👧‍👦10+


Goal: You win Tales of BarBEARia by preparing your bears for winter the best way. The game is played over three seasons, each with three rounds where you collect Victory Points (VP). The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

How to play?

🐻 Each round starts with throwing the dice. Every player starts with three dice, and during the game you have the opportunity to purchase 2 more dice. Everybody throws the dice open on the table so that everybody can see them. Next you take actions, by placing the dice on your board. This part is done behind a screen, out of sight for the other players.

You can choose from the following actions:

  • Place your dice on the “Adventure-spot”. The dice will be placed on “Adventure Cards” to collect resources and VP.
  • You can attack your left or right neighbour.
  • You can defend against an attack of one of your neighbours.
  • You can collect resources.

🐻 When everyone has placed the dice, you reveal your chosen actions, started at the first player. At first (1) you place the dice on the “Adventure Spot”. By doing this, you collect a resource and if your die matches the criteria on the card (like the highest or lowest die) at the end of the season you gain VP’s.

Next (2) are the battles. If you chose to attack your neighbour, and you win the battle you gain a VP. If you attack and lose the battle, you lose a precious VP.

Finally (3) you collect the resources if you placed a die on those spots.

🐻 When everybody executed all the actions, players can purchase items with the resources they collected. You can buy extra bears (dice), tiles to collect extra resources of buy cards. De cards have different, mostly competitive effects. Each purchase has attractive benefits and that makes it a difficult choice what item or card to buy.


🐻 We are very enthusiastic about this game! It is a fun game with lot’s of possibilities per round. Because the players decide their actions shielded from the other players, anything can happen. The choices you need to make, both during the action and the purchasing phase feel balanced and challenging

Even though it is a dice placement game, there is no good or bad throw. The different actions require different dice (both high and low value) which makes it different every game.

And, also important, the artwork looks so beautiful. It is a pleasure to look at and play with.

Our score:

⭐️ 7,5 / 10