Bonnie and Clyde

โญ7/ 10

๐Ÿ‘ฅ 1 player

๐Ÿ•— 60 minutes



In Bonnie and Clyde you play as the famous bank robbers of the 1930s. It is a single player game where you try to survive while robbing banks.

In the game you take turns until the win condition is achieved or until one of the two protagonists has died. Each turn plays as a day containing 3 phases, the morning, afternoon and overnight.

In the morning and afternoon you go out to rob banks or other places or to buy resources. The road maps show symbols where you can stop to get the resources or commit a heist. Each heist can affect your resources but also the number of victims you make.

Depending on the number of victims you get a certain level of police after you with which you have a shootout every so often. If you don’t survive this, you’re game over. Even if certain resources such as ammunition or food run out, the game is over.

These turns continue until the win condition is met or if one of the two protagonists dies. In the prototype there was only one difficulty level but in the final game there will be 4.


Bonnie and Clyde is a fast-paced game. Every action that happens has consequences for good or bad. The theme is nicely implemented with matching cards from the thirties such as the cars, weapons or the police cards.

The difficulty of the prototype was not that difficult and not immediately a challenge to manage everything well in terms of resources. In the final game there will be 3 more difficulty levels. I can imagine that it can get really more difficult. This is because there are a lot of resources that you have to take into account.

The game played well but lacked some depth. There are a lot of different icons and options in terms of actions, but everything is straightforward. The phases follow each other in quick succession and the game continues quickly. Especially because it is a single player game you never have to wait. In the final game they are looking for a 2 player variant, that seems like a nice deepening and expansion of the game

End Score

โœ”๏ธ Thematically a well-designed game

โœ”๏ธ Accessible single player game

โž– Lacks some depth if you are used to playing more strategic games

This game has been made available to us by the publisher Yeast Games for review purposes. Our opinion is not influenced by this and remains our own.

The photos are based on the prototype, and may differ from the final version