⭐ 7,5 / 10                👥 2 players            🕗 45-60 minutes        👨‍👩‍👧‍👦8+


Goal: In P’achakuna, meaning textile in Quencha – the language of the Andes- you search for seven different colours of textile. Together with the llama’s you are going to travel through the Andes with the textile to different villages to trade for the seven different colours. The player who is the first to collect the seven colours wins the game.

How to play?

🦙 P’achakuna is a 2 player game where one player plays the white llamas and the other plays the black llamas. Before you start to play, you lay out the terrain tiles on the map. It is an area with mountains (black) and the valley (green), representing the Andes. At the corners of the Andes there are seven villages, every village has it’s own colour. Each villages has its own flag that shows what kind of colours they are willing to trade. The upper colour is the most wanted, and you get two pieces trading that colour. And the lower colour represents the less wanted colour and trades you one piece of that colour. Your llamas travel through the Andes, to trade textile until you have the seven different colours. The white llamas travel through the valley and the black llamas travel through the mountains.

🦙 Each turn consists of four steps. The first step (1) is to turn a tile. You can turn any tile, in any direction (360 degrees). The second step (2)  is to move your llama(s). At the start of the game each player has one llama, but later on there are opportunities to purchase a second or third llama. Each llama must move at least one spot, and as mentioned the white llamas can only move through the valley and the black llamas through the mountains. Each llama can move as many spots as you want as long as it is on the continuous path. If you reach a village, you must stop there. The third phase (3) is the trade phase. If you end the second phase at a village you can trade. Each village has a flag shows the demand of that village. If  your llama has that colour on it’s back you can trade. The upper colour gives you two resources of that colour and the lower colour gives you one. The last phase (4) is the change of the flags for the villages that had a trade and the llamas that no longer have a resource on their back will be replenished.

🦙 You both play until one of the players collects seven colours. With spare resources you can take two different actions. The first is to turn another tile for two resources. And for four resources you can purchase another llama.


P’achakuna is a fun 2-player game. It has a smooth gameplay. The first time we played it took us a bit to get used to the game but during the play it became clear that this is quite a tactical game. It is a challenge to reach all the villages with the right resources. You can, (un)willingly, bother each other.

P’achakuna is a fun, not to heavy 2 player game. If you seek for a challenging, not to heavy game with a smooth gameplay we recommend P’achakuna!

Our score:

⭐️ 7,5 / 10