Machi Koro 2: Polis!

⭐ 10/10

👥 1-4 spelers

🕗 90+minuten



In Machi Koro 2 you are the mayor of a city and you will build up your city with different buildings. These buildings will earn you coins, which you can use to add new buildings to your city. The goal is to be the first to have three landmarks in your city. In that case you win the game.

There are three types of buildings in the game: low buildings (valued up to six), tall buildings (valued between 7 and 12) and the landmarks. Each building costs a certain amount of coins to add to your city.

You start your turn by rolling one or two dice. You can choose this yourself. The value you roll activates the buildings that have that value. It differs per building what happens when it is activated. This is described on the card. Usually you collect coins, which you need for new buildings or for the three sights. Some buildings yield coins from the bank, but it is also possible that you get coins from your opponents. Some buildings yield something in every turn (including those of your opponents), and others only in your own turn. This way you will try to put together the best possible mix.

After dealing with the cards you can buy a new building. Then it is the next player’s turn. This continues until someone has added the last point of interest.


We think Machi Koro 2 is a fun game. It is a very accessible game with clear rules and smooth gameplay. The artwork is cheerful and the cards are of good quality.

Because you can take coins from your fellow players, there is a nice interaction between the players, and since there are many types of buildings, the replayability is high.

The game is accessible and easy to learn. This also makes it suitable for playing in different kind of groups. Good for the less experienced players, and enough challenge and variation for the experienced players.

In short; a nice one to have in your collection!