⭐ 8,5/10

👥 2-4 players

🕗 45-60 minutes

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 10+


Embark on a historical journey in “Trekking Through History,” where the objective is to arrange historical events chronologically to accumulate experiences for points.

Game Overview

In Trekking Through History, the goal is to collect significant historical events in chronological order. This may seem straightforward, but the events span a wide range in a large card deck. Several cards are laid out in the market for players to choose from.

However, selecting a card takes time, with the farther cards requiring more time to pick up. Spending time advances you on the rondel, increasing the wait for your next turn. Additionally, players can choose to complete a timeline and start anew, earning points per timeline—more cards mean more points.

When acquiring event cards, players also score crystals, which they collect on their tableau. Points are earned by filling rows and columns with the correct crystals. Thus, it involves constant consideration of your timeline and tableau to choose the right card to collect.

The game is played over three rounds, each with its own deck of cards.


We are very excited about this new addition to the White Goblin Games collection. The game looks fantastic, featuring beautiful artwork and high-quality components. The rules are clear, making it suitable for a broad audience—both family players and more experienced gamers will find enjoyment here.

The enjoyable mechanism of collecting the right cards, combined with the correct crystals, makes it a tactical game with ample depth. The rondel mechanism, determining turn order based on the time spent, is cleverly executed.

We also appreciate the educational value of the game; the events on the cards are all historically accurate, and each card provides additional information about the event. In summary, we are very enthusiastic. It will hit the table frequently here!

For Whom?

For almost everyone who enjoys a game that flows smoothly, suitable from around the age of 10, but also provides enough challenge for experienced players.